Dancer, producer, DJ from Ukraine. Founder of the Danceproject Label and Danceproject.info media web-site which connects thousands of dancers all over the world.
First understanding that his future is DJing started in 2012 when Danceproject movement starts.
After 2 years of inspiration by different artists he is started DJ carrier. And continues to growing up and improving skills in this area.
During last years he became a resident of the biggest street dance events in Ukraine like Andrenaline Fest and Zaruba (Kyiv).

He takes inspiration from music of West side of USA and also internal Danceproject music label artists like Charodey Jeddy, Mavrik Kuda and Kostya Rhino and more.

Dj Durshlag already played not only inside of country but also played in countries Russia, Italy and even Sri Lanka. His music spreads all over the world in Japan, Germany, USA, Poland, France, Germany, Italy and many more.