DJ on your next event!

Event flavor is very important on dance events.
I make events memorable.

On the battles I play exclusive beats made by artists from the Danceproject label. With big of passion to the music I find some new stuff making crowd to go crazy.

Always stay professional in any situations with people, crowd, dancers, music, equipment. Understanding what to do next or how to solve issues.

With great enthusiasm I study new directions in DJing improving my skills. I actively track new trends in music and use them on battles
Music is the best way to describe myself
Successful events
Dj Durshlag is very responsible, competent and professional DJ, who played on our battles Vilnius Street Battle 2016. During difficult situations, he kept himself well and pumped up all the party.
Dima Sketch
Boss in Vilnius Street Battle, Lithuania
Artem Grygorenko aka Dj Durshlag, has been our guess during the IM Intelligent Movement first edition as Dj warm up battle. He was very professional and a very good artist during his dj set and we really appreciate his work.
Best regards, IM Staff.
Dj Sparta
I am glad that I worked, collaborated and I hope to cooperate with Artem, as he has done a well-made task as DJ. He is not a frivolous, simple and sensible guy. Also with spreading info about street dance culture within danceproject is a plus.
I recommend Dj Durshlag as an professional dj.
Vania Velychko
4 Seasons org, Ukraine
In 2013 I organized a street dance event in Voronezh called "Check My Groove". I Invited to play, until unknown Dj Durshlag, House music. And I did not regret a bit. A person is a professional in his business, has a great musical taste and everything else is a wonderful person. In addition to the nomination, he also played on a pre-party. In general, if you need a cool dj, then you know who you need to call!
Vakhtang Gorgodze
Check My Groove org, Russia
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+380 661715981
Artem Grygorenko
Ukraine, Dnipro